About Skiathos (1)

How do I get to Skiathos?

The two easiest ways to arriving in Skiathos are –

1. By airplane

Olympic Airlines has a few flights a week, please check their schedule. There are other discount airline carriers and charter flights that will get you here.

2. By ferry boat

You can board a ferry boat in three ports: Agios Konstantinos (just north of Athens), Volos, and Thessaloniki. The ride from Volos is the shortest. There are two kinds of ferry boats, ones that will also bring your car, and ones for passengers only. The passeners-only ferry is faster, but you’ll need to rent a car on the island.

About Villa Mirovili (5)

How many people can it accommodate?

Villa Mirovili can accommodate easily 10 adults and 6 children, assuming double occupancy.

What’s in the kitchens?

The villa has two kitchens. 

On the main floor there is the main kitchen which is fully equipped to accommodate cooking for 10-15 people. 

It contains a large set of cook ware, utencils, blenders, coffee maker as well as the basic condiments

(sugar, spices as well as top grade, Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the olive trees on Villa Mirovili, courtesy of the owners)

The main kitchen includes:

  • electric oven and ceramic Stove top
  • Microwave oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Utensils, serving dishes and cookware
  • Tablecloths and hand towels

The Kitchen in the Studio Apartment contains a large refrigerator, sink, electric stove and basic utensils.


Is the villa air conditioned?

The villa has air conditioning units installed in all the bedrooms as well as the recreation room.  The Greek climate in the summer is hot and dry during the day with cool and comfortable temperatures in the evenings. In general even though the sun can be very hot, the house stays well cooled due to light breezes that go on constantly  throughout the summer.  Occasionally, there are hot spells that carry over in the evening, and in those days the air conditioners are wonderful for a good night’s sleep. 

Due to high energy costs in Greece, we ask our guests to be sure to turn air conditioners when opening the doors and windows  or when not using the rooms

Is Internet / WiFi available at the villa?

Unfortunately not at this time.  There is strong cell phone coverage, and you should be able to use your smartphone or a USB card to connect to the wireless network to get on the internet.  Most cafes, restaurants and even some shops offer free internet, so just take your laptop or tablet to a cafe and browse away!

Where is Villa Mirovili located?

Villa Mirovili is 2.5km from Skiathos town (a 6 minutes drive) and 3.5 km from the nearest beach of Megali Ammos. It has stunning views over Skiathos town and the Aegean Sea towards Skopelos Island in the east, Evia Island in the south, and small isles of Tsougria , and Arkos just a short distance off Skiathos town old port. 

Close by is the Monastery of Evangelistria, two excellent restaurants which are local favorites, as well as well-marked walking trails to both northern and southern parts of the island.