Skiathos Town

Skiathos town is vibrant, energetic and friendly town.  It has two ports, one for passenger ferries and a second one (the old port) which accommodates the local transport boats to the beaches and surrounding islands.

It’s many restaurants offer a great variety of Greek food ranging from small establishments providing Gyro and Souvlaki sandwiches to larger restaurants that offer great variety of salads, grilled meats and fish and traditional dishes.  It is all very good and this is one thing visitors never forget. 

There are many shops for small gifts, jewelry, art, summer clothes to accommodate everyone’s budget.

The numerous cafes outlining the ports and main Papadiamantis street provide a place to rest with a coffee or a cool drink.

You will find the local people friendly, engaging, and showing their care as a guest to their place.  Greek hospitality is a quality ingrained in the DNA of the people and you will notice it as you interact with them.