The villa sits amidst more than 100 olive trees some of which are more than 300 years old.

Flower and fruit trees surround the villa at many terraces that start above the house and cascade all the way down to the border of the property.   The terraces offer a variety of environments for relaxation, reading a book, taking a coffee or playing a backgammon game.  Depending on the time

of the day, there are always two or three spaces that are protected from the sun to allow you to set up a small table, a couple of chairs and claim your piece and quietness you occasionally need from the rest of the group.

The outside gate opens to two terraces one that leads toward the main entrance to the villa and another down toward the pool. 

As you walk toward the villa, your senses fill with two varieties of aromatic Jasmines (Greek and Chinese), rosemary, basil, taragon, louisa, levanders, three varieties of thyme and wild oregano.

Flowering Landanas, Oleanders, Geraniums, pink Gaouras, bouganveneas and many other annuals and perenials jump out with their intense colors in garden beds.

Fruit trees include white and yellow peaches, Asian pears, apricots, pomegranates, loquats, and of course fig trees.